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Heavy metal legend Rob Halford and his band Halford IV will appear with Warbringer, Philm & Cage at 8 p.m. Halford, a longtime San Diego resident, has been openly gay for the past 12 years. I’m in the Balboa Park area, so Hillcrest is my neighborhood. With the upcoming show at the 4th and B happening soon, it’s going to be something really exciting to do. You can be who you are without having to hide, without having to lie, and it makes you stronger, and more complete as a person.

The mind-blowing front man with considerable stage magnetism has been going strong for 30 years. HALFORD: Well, musically they have not changed at all. It’s like when any of us step out of that closet and we set ourselves free there is a tremendous feeling of elation.

So, it has been a really interesting time and opportunity to go into that area for the first time. Even the kinds of fun and adventure songs like the “Matador” are very important to me because I am testing my boundaries as a musician. How was that for you, because this was the fifth time that you were nominated and you won! But, it is also something that you share with a lot of other people, especially your fans. Was that interesting for you to be there with other well-known artists who have come out as gay like yourself? He’s got a long, long life ahead of him in show business. We don’t know each other, but we know a little bit about each other as far as what we feel we have tried to do within the gay community.

HALFORD: Everybody in the band knew I was a gay man, and everybody in my crew knew I was a gay man, and those were the people that I associated with on a working level. SDGLN: Now it seems to me that your rock ‘n’ roll style is very reminiscent of the leather community. HALFORD: Yeah, that is the irony, if you want to call it ironic, that there is a portion of the gay and lesbian community that lives that type of lifestyle, and I never was. I just chose that kind of look because heavy metal for many, many years didn’t really have the visual connections and their power connected to the music.

So, I just kind of experimented and felt that particular image was more sensible and worked. So, what I am trying to say is first that is the irony, and it is also a little bit disrespectful to look at somebody like that and there is an assumption that “oh they must be gay.” Personally I think it is disrespectful, not from you, but from people who are stating it that way. And what we try to do consistently in the gay community is break away the stereotypical imagery of how we are perceived to be by straight culture.

But, anyway I think it is fair to say that I would have been probably more difficult.

I probably would have not made the announcement had I been in Judas Priest at that time.

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