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” You know how it isn’t polite to discuss politics or religion with strangers?

Talking about my career brings up religion, whether I want it to or not.

Not for the faint of heart, The New Rules for Love, Sex andamp; Dating challenges single Christ followers to step up and set a new standard for this generation!

The New Rules for Love, Sex and Dating: Unveils what God says that will lead to success in dating and marriage, Transforms guys way of thinking about women, Reveals common myths about sex outside of marriage, Prepares men and women to one day say 'I do' and mean it, And much more.

'Are you who the person you are looking for is looking for? Best of all, he o'Are you who the person you are looking for is looking for? Best of all, he offers the most practical and uncensored advice you will ever hear on this topic.

How awkward would it be if the chaplain on duty were his girlfriend, or worse yet, his ex-girlfriend?

I work so hard trying to make sure potential romantic partners see me as more than my job that I can lose sight of that fact myself.

Yes, I’m a minister, an intelligent woman, a slow but determined runner, a sci-fi geek, a caring and loyal friend, a voracious reader, a kickass team trivia player, an aspiring author, and lots of other things.

'If you don't want a marriage like the majority of marriages, then stop dating like the majority of daters!

' ---Andy Stanley The Kindle version was cheap, .99 so I bought it out of a curiosity for what the loyal opposition is doing.

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Please do not be offended by that, but the odds are slim to none that a relationship in middle school and high school will continue. More often, I see relationships built in student ministry, and then a result is horrible and ugly break ups that affect the friendships, cause drama and, in a lot of cases, tend to be uncomfortable for other students surrounding these dating issues.

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