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Around this time, Danielle began dating a local musician named Blake Mills, who played with Dawes, toured with Lewis, and today collaborates closely with Fiona Apple.Julian Casablancas came to a Lewis show and wound up hiring her for his touring band. Finally, Casablancas gave the sisters some advice: Stop gigging so much, write some stronger songs and make a great recording, since these days people encounter new music online.Headlining the Fonda tonight, however, feels like a major accomplishment.When they take the stage, it's with unafraid-to-be-dorky effusiveness, and they play the hometown angle to the hilt.These guys are an exception."Inside Haim's Long-Awaited Debut Down in the Haim sisters' dressing room, the atmosphere is about as ferocious as a book reading.Danielle (24, guitar, lead vocals) is wearing a worn long-sleeve T-shirt, black jeans and pointy brown boots, dropping chunks of ginger and lemon into a cup of hot water.

She has an insulin pump clipped to herself at all times – lifting the hem of her dress, she reveals a device near her right hip that resembles a pager. "Alana (21, keyboards, harmonies, occasional lead vocal) is admiring a massive portrait of the band that a fan painted from a publicity photo.But for all the ways that Haim seem like consummate insiders, they say that this is hardly the case."When we started playing, we were Valley kids – we'd never gone over the hill," Alana says."Make sure you see the original and not the sequel, though," Alana warns. Pauly Shore is in it."They've just finished giving their order when a burly fortysomething in a check shirt approaches the table. "I'm taking my daughter to your show tomorrow night for her birthday," Chris says. Their dad had a kit set up in the living room, and he'd put his daughters on his lap and teach them to bash.He hands Danielle a copy of the "Do you carry around our CD all the time? She and her sisters, grinning, give their autographs. He soon assigned each child a different instrument, enlisted Donna, and Rockinhaim were born.

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In 2007, the sisters began writing their songs without their parents; Donna and Mordechai got shifted to crew duty.

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