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Kelly closed her eyes and moaned loudly, not caring who would hear. Do what you want to my pussy I'll do what you say daddy. " Kelly was so horny and wett she was saying this with tears in her eyes.

" Kellys said "Yes as long as mommy won't catch me." Her father moved in closer between her legs, his hard dick just inches from the young girls pussy.

Her dad asked "Do you want to feel my dick in you slut? Let me take picture sof you so I can always remember my young little slut?

He couldn't believe his 13 year old little girl was laying naked in front of him talking about acting like a total slut.

He thought to himself, if this is how she wants to act then I'll treat her like a little slut.

He was giving her the full 8 inches with every thrust, all she could do was grip the sheets tightly.He moved between the little girls legs, and with his thumb and pointer finger he pinched both sides of her panites on her hips. When he started to pull the panties down the little girl gave a naughty smile and lifted her hips and ass off the bed.He stopped half way down on her hips and waiting, Kelly said "Please daddy, don't tease me." That's when he knew the little girl was ready.She said "OK daddy I'll try to be quiet, but it feels so godd.Especially when you drag you teeth over my nipples". While he did this she ran her fingers through her dads hair with her eyes closed.

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