Diverged assimilation converging and accommodating

" "It is, then, even as men told," declared Shen Hing, with no attempt to forego an overhanging bitterness, "and you, Kai Lung, whom we received in friendship, have brought this disaster to our doors. " "Speak freely," invoked Kai Lung, averting his face, "and do not seek to spare this one's excessive self-reproach. " "We of our settlement are a peaceful race, neither vainglorious nor trained to the use of arms, and the opposing camps of warriors had so far passed us by, going either on the Eastern or the Western Route and none turning aside.

But in a misbegotten moment Ming-shu fell under a deep depression while in his tent at no great space away, and one newly of his band, thinking to disclose a fount of gladness, spoke of your admitted capacity as a narrator of imagined tales, with a special reference to the serviceable way in which the aptitude had extricated you from a variety of unpleasant transactions in the past." "That would undoubtedly refresh the wells of Ming-shu's memory," remarked Kai Lung. " "It is related that, when those who stood outside heard the grinding of his ill assorted teeth, the rumour spread that the river banks were giving way.

Likewise, your content strategy should include various forms of information in order to resonate with the different learning styles of your audience.

Content is not a one-size-fits-all solution, but rather an opportunity to connect with your prospects through the communication methods they are already used to. Kolb is a social psychologist who developed a model of learning called the Experiential Learning Model.

Don’t worry if you are repeating yourself, just be unique in the presentation of the information.

Find distribution and social media channels which are best suited for each type of content, since these learners are already present in those networks.

Content strategy is the experience of learning, discovering, and eventually, doing (converting).

Below I’ll address the four main learning styles, followed by ways to reach each of them through content formats. Kolb’s learning styles, we can conceptualize how to format our content in order to address each one.

Present your information through a variety of media in order to cast the widest net possible.

Then, on the plea that a sincere reconciliation demanded the interchange of gifts, they took whatever we possessed, beat us heavily about the head and body with clubs in return, and departed, after cutting down your orchard and setting fire to your very inflammably constructed hut, in order, as their leader courteously expressed it, 'to lighten the path of your return.'" "But she--Hwa-mei," urged Kai Lung thickly.

"Speak to a point now that the moment must be faced--the cord is at my heart." "In that you are well matched, for another was about her neck when she went forth," replied Shen Hing concisely. But a brigand with whom I conversed--albeit one-sidedly, he standing upon this person's prostrate form meanwhile--boasted of the exploit.

"But in this sequestered region, surely--" "The trickle meanwhile grew into a swiftly moving stream, although the torrent seemed as though it would spare our peaceful valley. " exclaimed Kai Lung, falling back a step before the ill-omened menace of that malignant shadow.

Like a faint echo from some far-off contest we heard that the standard of the Avenging Knife had been definitely raised and all men were being pressed into this scale or that of the contending causes. "Can it be that the enmity of the inscriber of the Mandarin's spoken word has pursued me to this retreat?

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" "I am, last of all, from Shun, which lies among the Seven Water-heads," was the reply.

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