Dating advice and feelings

Communicate with the Other Person Clear and honest dialogue about how you are feeling is absolutely crucial, especially when you already respect and care for the other person.

There’s nothing at all wrong with saying something like, “It’s not fair to either one of us for me to try to make something happen that just isn’t there.” Be delicate and be kind. If you really know, and you’re certain that there’s no way that it’ll ever happen between you, then be honest and communicate that to them.

Do your best to figure out what it is that makes you feel that you simply ought to make things work out.

That will help you respond to the situation in a way that you feel good about.

Be Open to Surprising Possibilities Consider the possibility that the other person may grow on you, and that you might feel differently in time.

Many a relationship began with one person wanting to be simply friends and the other person desiring more than that.

If Possible, Maintain the Friendship If you two are really compatible, and the other person’s feelings aren’t too advanced, then explore together the idea of simply enjoying a friendship for the time being.

Save the surprise for real life and hold off on being textually active until you’re in a committed relationship.Be Willing to Request some Patience You might be at a point where you’re still open to a relationship, but maybe you’re not moving as quickly as the other person. Let them know how you feel, that you care about them and possibly see potential for you two together, but that you need time to allow a relationship to develop.Even if you’re getting pressure from numerous people, keep in mind that you have every right—and even a responsibility—to figure this out for yourself and to do so in a way that lets you make a good and healthy decision.We’re not saying that you should deny reality or simply keep at it and expect that the chemistry will eventually appear. And as we said, if you know for sure that you’ll never feel anything stronger or more serious for the person, then you owe it to them to let them know.But if you’re not 100 percent sure, then is there any reason you can’t give yourself a bit more time, just to see what might happen?

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