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She loves wearing bright clothing, and wears platform boots at all times to give her extra height as she is only 5 ft (1.5 m) tall. Lisa is a former bodybuilder, a fitness and health fanatic and has an 18-year-old daughter. She believes in reincarnation, life after death, clairvoyants, ghosts, spirit guides, and universal dynamics.

On Day 1, along with Mario, Stephanie, and Luke, Lisa was given a secret mission to hide her relationship with fellow housemate Mario; failure to do so would result in automatic nomination.

On Day 23, Dennis was ejected from the Big Brother House for spitting in Mohamed's face during a row.

She says being the mother of her 22-month-old daughter Maddy has made her the proudest person in the world and has conservative views on abortion, meat-eating, smoking, immigration, gay marriage and naked glamour modelling.

Darnell Earl Swallow (born 23 September 1981) is a rapper with albinism.

He was born in Ipswich, Suffolk, but grew up in St. He was elected as the first Head of House on Day 39.

He doesn’t smoke, use drugs or swear, and says a typical weekend night out would be wrestling, Pizza Hut, bowling or the cinema.

On Sunday 20 July, he succeeded Darnell as the second Head of House after his success in a task that took place to compete for the title.

Dale became the eighth housemate to be evicted on Day 65 with 63% of the vote.

Dale is now producing deep house music & DJ-ing internationally and is associated with other DJ's such as 40four.

She created a large amount of controversy owing to her aggressive nature and was accused of bullying.

She very quickly became the least popular housemate among viewers and during the first eviction night many of the crowd were chanting "Get Alex out! She was ejected on day 14, not as a result of a public vote but because of the producers and Channel 4 deciding her behaviour had been unacceptable.

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