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Finding the right cofounder is often the hardest part of doing a startup, as most anyone with experience will tell you.

As a personal example: the cofounder of my first company, Phil Kast, was an old high school buddy employed as a whitewater rafting guide in Colorado when we started talking about working together.

That model didn’t catch on, and so the three co-founders decided to open up their site to a wide audience.

Nine days after that fateful Valentine’s Day, Karim posted “Me at the zoo,” the video that now, more than ten years later, holds the title of “first video in You Tube history.” You Tube would have obviously been quite different had it maintained its focus on dating, but even in its current form, it has facilitated romantic connections between plenty of couples.

Many of the people, after all, have full-time jobs that they don’t want to compromise while they consider if and how to strike out on their own.

Alter compares it to Fight Club: “We tell people that what happens in Founder Dating stays in Founder Dating.” The events are so founder-focused that not even investors are allowed in the door. “The more we talk to people, the more demand we see” Alter says.

“Incubators are sending applicants to it who need cofounders, saying things like ‘come back when you have one.'” A couple examples of successful matches include the team behind Y Combinator-backed referral platform Curebit, and inventory matchmaking site Sorced (whose cofounder, Elizabeth Knopf, has a longer post about the experience over on Women 2.0) Founder Dating isn’t necessarily a business right now — it doesn’t charge for anything currently.

But she adds that she could see it becoming more of one if it expands beyond tech startups.

A Founder Talk section lets users post messages about what who they’re looking for and what they’re trying to do.We need to get about the task of figuring out how to make that 50 percent, 75 percent." For more with Warren, watch his full interview above. He has over 20 years of experience leading and building consumer tech companies, and previously co-founded high-growth startups, and Epana.I mean, people are leaving all the time.” Alter has been in the community for awhile, having been a business development leader at Bebo, and she’s seen quite a bit — “I just had lunch with one friend who just left their team, and got a text from another at the same time who had done the same thing.One of the things we want to do in the future is figure out how we can provide suggestions for matches, or give warnings if we think things won’t work out.” And like the events, which Founder Dating has done around a dozen of so far in the past year or so, the site stresses privacy.

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The goal is to provide a 50/50 split between technical and business types.

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