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calls “a very good show and a fun show.” As when the complete-album performances appeared on disc, these complete versions have attracted extremely positive comments on the sound quality.

On the Jungleland website bsfanatic states that, “the mix on this is incedible!

” On the Stone Pony London message board, Buddhabone’s enthusiasm overspills into profanity with the obsevation, “holy fuck!!!

They sound great.” I noted in my review of that there was a clearly audible echo to Springsteen’s voice at times during the performance of both complete albums, and this problem can be discerned elsewhere now that we have the full shows.

After all the excitement engendered by Kitty’s Back and the Detroit Medley, and at the virtual climax of the show, Waitin’ On A Sunny Day seems more than a little out of place, but fortunately a splendid Thunder Road redeems the situation at the very close of the show.

I skipped around and listened to a few songs here and there and everything sounds crystal clear!

” On the same site catman states that, “the sound is fantastic,” and Thunde Road33 adds that, “I’m currently listening to the October 2nd show and the sound quality is awesome!

As Goldstein suggests, “the five-piece horn section brings a lot of power to these two songs,” and the backing singers also make a splendid contribution to My City Of Ruins.

Next up is Seaside Bar Song, of which writer Ken Tucker comments: “Springsteen played one of his earliest songs, ‘Seaside Bar Song,’ framing it with a memory of seeing Bo Diddley in a small club decades ago.

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, Jack Of All Trades Disc 2: Atlantic City, Easy Money, She’s The One, Waitin’ On A Sunny Day, The Promised Land, Apollo Medley [The Way You Do The Things You Do/634-5789 (Soulsville U. A.)], American Skin (41 Shots), Lonesome Day, The Rising, We Are Alive Disc 3: Thunder Road, Rocky Ground, Land Of Hope And Dreams [People Get Ready], Born To Run, Dancing In The Dark, Raise Your Hand, Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out If you are fortunate enough to acquire this set with the bonus discs, which I believe are limited to eighty copies, you will have an entirely unrelated, but very welcome, show from the current tour.

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