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In this latest go-round, he suggested to a user who was complaining of a blurry avatar that they change browsers to Firefox and the problem would go away.This is bogus advice and I posted this on the thread, only to promptly get banned now from posting on the forums.and yes, i'm a woman I hope that anyone that reads this goes to POF's date site.I have NEVER seen such a bunch of crazy [email protected] in my life. Do you think this Marcus guy got in the business to help singles find one another?The site is so full of angry, bitter women i feel sick when i have bothered to look at these forums.I have kept hoping I might find some real information on the war of the sexs but there is so much negativity and hypocrasy, there is no way to find anything useful unless you have an iron stomach.So if you really want to see true insanity on a date site, go to plenty of fish. It was a programming project, he does not moderate the forums cause he is too busy making money from the advertisers who are buying space on his website.That forum is nuts, I feel so bad for those people when you think there are much better places to go to for dating sites.

I was attracted to his smile and he was wearing his motorbike leathers and looked very handsome.Just got a three-year ban on POF for the first forum infraction. (In other words, the site converted his graphic in such a way that it lost resolution and was now blurry as a result.) What did their admin suggest as the solution? Reviewing post after post this same admin ("Ticketoride" often tries to bully people into changing browsers for every lame reason you can think of! Here's the email I just sent to tech support on there but the odds are good that it's this same peon guy (who isn't the owner of the site). It looks like you have a problem with one of your admins, specifically Ticketoride."Upgrade" their browser to Firefox and the problem will go away. So I simply posted that this was bogus advice and a waste of the user's time. In the computer forum he routinely tells users to "upgrade" their browser to Firefox over the most trivial things.Canadian sites that do not have the boasting power that he has but are a heck of a lot better.Do a search on Google for Singles in Canada or single Canadians and you will find some great sites. In the computer forum some user was complaining that when he uploaded his avatar to the site it seemed blurry.

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  1. I don't agree with everything this author has to say. Well, this book learned me a lot about common mistakes and in particular typical male behaviour. TPB is ok for getting an overall gist of meeting women, especially if someone doesn't know much yet.